LETTERS: Door-to-door campaigning has been enjoyable

To the editor:

I read with interest last week’s article by Walt Shepperd, “Newbie candidate to County Legislature: Chill!” I wanted to focus on one comment made by my opponent: “Most people don’t want you to knock on their door.”

Door-to-door has always been a central focus of all of my campaign activities. In fact, I have just knocked on my 7,300th door during this campaign, and I have to say that it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of any campaign that I have ever been involved with. I have found that people actually appreciate me coming to their door and asking for their support.

Many people have said that I am the only candidate in any race that has bothered to take the time to come to their door personally this year. I have listened to the many issues and ideas and concerns of my neighbors on their front door steps.

I have also had the opportunity to discuss my record in the county legislature with them. I feel that by going door to door I am able to listen and learn about the issues that people are concerned about in our community. I think it is very important in a democracy that taxpayers have the ability to meet their representative to make an informed decision when they vote. I think that a face-to-face conversation is much more effective and helpful to the voter than a piece of mail or a phone call. We have a big town that includes Fremont, Kirkville, Manlius, Fayetteville and Minoa. I have knocked on doors in every neighborhood in all of those areas.

I feel that this experience will be invaluable to me as our county legislator in the coming term. I would like to thank the hundreds and hundreds of our neighbors that have welcomed me at their front doors and have taken the time to talk with me about the issues that are important to them. I am proud to represent all of the wonderful citizens of our district, and as always, I will continue to run a positive, issues-oriented campaign, and I am very confident and hopeful that my opponent will do the same.

Kevin Holmquist, District 10 County Legislator

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