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The price is right, we just need the attitude

City Scuffle

Three years ago Walter Dixie approached Mayor Matt Driscoll seeking support for developing a supermarket to serve Southside neighborhoods.

Bey kicking government in the butt

Fourth District Common Councilor Khalid Bey opened his 15th Ward Community Forum by noting for the two dozen attendees, including representatives from the city’s Department of Public Works, Water Department, Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs, Code Enforcement, Police Department and the City School District, that sometimes elected officials don’t have a clue.

Peace Action forum seeks new priorities

City Scuffle

Howie Hawkins walked into ArtRage last week looking a little disoriented.

Celebrating Mom with solos, steps and soul

City Scuffle

Ike Wynn and Larry Mathis began singing together in the Seventies, and by Century’s end had each or both sung with so many groups that when they formed their own in 1997, they labeled it with the initials UAD, for Uplites, Avatar and Destiny, to commemorate some of their past experiences.

Beyond RICO: the next gang generation

City Scuffle

When members of Southside turf crew Boot Camp first faced RICO (federal racketeering) charges in July 2004, courtroom testimony revealed that police had been under orders from the administration of Mayor Roy Bernardi not to use the G-word in their reports. It was felt then that admitting Syracuse had a gang problem would be bad PR.

DA sees no reaction to death of Rashaad

Following his personal attention to the prosecution of Saquan Evans for the murder of 20-month-old Rashaad Walker, Jr. in November 2010, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick reflected that he thought the case would have a watershed moment for the community in terms of gang violence, but it didn’t.

Rozum biking for Congress as a Green

Ursula Rozum biked to the Regional Transportation Center last week to announce she was boarding a train to Albany to file papers with 61 signatures on petitions, 23 more than needed to meet the required 3.75 percent of registered Greens.

Observing the Drug War disaster

City Scuffle

Born and raised in Syracuse, Ursula Rozum developed a conscience about El Salvador in a religion class at Bishop Ludden High School.

Watching the people watching the police

City Scuffle

Crystal Collette has a full-time job as Education and Outreach Manager at Planned Parenthood, but she recently took on a role that she knows will require the energy for a second full-time effort. She threw her hat in the ring for chair of the newly legislated Citizen Review Board, and was elected by her colleagues.

Bey brings fresh perspective to the Council

City Scuffle

Khalid Bey, the new Common Councilor for the 4th District, stopped by the monthly meeting of the Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association last week to talk about his vision for downtown and his feelings about the role of city government in the various phases of development.

Burgers on the Creek Walk?

City Scuffle

For Glen Lewis, a successful idea has many parents. Lewis, according to Andy Maxwell, is the Planning Guru of the city’s Parks Department. Maxwell oversees the municipal Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Together they provide the point where the buck stops on the Creek Walk, one of Syracuse’s most successful ideas, they both agree.

Wanna run Green?

City Scuffle

A Green Party gathering at ArtRage last month was an informational session typical for the group, but when a member of the Green Hawks, the volunteers who door-knock to turn voters out on Election Day, shared that perennial candidate Howie Hawkins had lost the 4th District Common Council seat race by 96 votes, and that, without a Republican in on the ballot, Greens had outpolled Democrats, a realization settled in.

Come see my daughter’s movie

All parents share that startling moment of reverse recognition, usually while attending an elementary school function, when the focus of dominance shifts.

Most electable without winning — Howie for President

In last November’s election perennial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins established a unique status among seekers of public office. With his name written-in for a myriad of races, he earned a place in political urban mythology as the Person Most Electable Without Winning.

Hail to the new Chiefs chief

On his first day in town, Syracuse Chiefs new manager Tony Beasley sat for an early morning chat that proved thoughtful.

Last bite at the Occupation apple

City Scuffle

About two dozen Occupiers waited quietly in the hall outside the entrance to the Mayor’s office while four television news cameras we setting up in the Mayor’s second floor conference room and city officials and staffers found seats or standing room along the side wall. At 3:01 the Occupiers filed in filling the seats as the Mayor, who is also chair of the three-person SURA board, opened the meeting, saying she had asked the Police Chief to answer questions and have a discussion.

City Scuffle: Check the memo, or try to find the cc:

For convenience and speed, the journalist’s version of the pink slip was two carbon papers and two different colored copy pages bound with adhesive to the top sheet for original text, easily detachable for distribution.

Tease photo

City Scuffle: Occupy Syracuse no longer a walk in the park

The next noon the pile is gone, replaced by plastic chests of food, one of the few items permitted. The occupiers cannot have chairs, cannot sit, cannot occupy from dusk ‘til dawn when the park is closed.

City Scuffle: The search for an Uncommon Council

Power corrupts, they say, and absolute power, well, for the city and county it tends to foster folks fussing with each other, digging themselves into the trench warfare of legislated procedure.

City Scuffle: Black Lites, Five to Life, Anna and the Media Unit

Since 1976, almost 80 percent of Media Unit alums have achieved careers in television, stage and related industries.

City Scuffle: GOP candidates talkin’ primary, school that is

While President Obama has expected, and for the most part dealt evenly, with a stream of criticism from Republican presidential primary contenders, he also faces a less publicized but equally steady hammering from his Green Party challenger Dr. Jill Stein, most recently for a White House overruling of the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to expand access to the Morning After Pill.

City Scuffle: A need for great expectations

Samadee became a school teacher quite by accident.

Democrats may be overconfident in 4th District race

City Scuffle

Khalid Bey doesn’t really like politics as it is. During his campaign for the 4th District seat on the Common Council, he has found that the phone banking and door knocking is mostly pursuing people who have been alienated from the process. He sees the product as a wide gulf between the office holders and the citizens who hardly get to know them. Helen Hudson, running for councilor-at-large, loves the experience. She finds people happy to talk when she rings their doorbell. “One lady’s dogs curled up on my feet,” Hudson recalls. “She said, ‘They like you, so you should come in and have tea.’”

Newbie candidate to County Legislature: Chill!

City Scuffle

Gwyn Mannion, Democrat candidate for the 10th County Legislative District, is running for office for the first time.

Westcott Parade shows campaign styles

City Scuffle

Candidates for a November ballot display their campaign styles in the annual Westcott Cultural Festival parade by how they wave, who they wave to, who they might step out of line to schmooze, and ultimately whether they hug.

Still looking for Larry

City Scuffle

AIDS Community Resources staffers sang along a little and boogied a little setting up for a press conference last week as Age of Aquarius blared on the sound check and Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same filled the Palace Theater big screen.

Benderson Center: Safe! Caring! Clean! Closing?

City Scuffle

State Assembly Member Sam Roberts schmoozed the nearly full house at the Common Council Chambers last week, mostly gathered to express support for the Ida Benderson Senior Center they attend regularly on Salina Street between Fayette and Washington.

Call me a cab, but make sure I’m metered

Four taxis wait patiently at the curb mid block north from the corner of Salina and Washington Streets, just off the heart of downtown. A driver paces nervously back and forth along the row of cabs. How’s business?

Where have all the taxis gone?

City Scuffle

Back in the day, 6 a.m. buses were packed with workers heading for the factories, which then still provided the Salt City with its stability.

Four things in the Fourth sounding familiar

City Scuffle

Asked to sit together with a tape recorder for a campaign conversation, the 4th District candidates for the Syracuse Common Council — Democrat Khalid Bey, running with the Working Families endorsement, and perennial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins — both brought the big picture into focus.


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