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jeremy198 3 years, 11 months ago

I would like to discuss Ken Jackson's latest article "Honey I bought a Sewer". Ken's article shows that he is using his position with this paper in a political fashion. He as a person chooses not to pay taxes (public Record Ongov.net), which is in fact detrimental to the community in which he lives. Taxes (that would be) paid are relegated to sewer reconstruction, crime and city cleanup. Ken shows that he does do his part as a citizen to receive equal services as a homeowner and tax payer. Ken is not the only one who does this; however, he is the only one who is writing about lack of action by the local government. In my humble and modest opinion I believe the "root" of the problem is at Kenneth Jackson's and others choice not to pay taxes owed to the city of Syracuse. His displeasure toward the City's inability to provide the services he desires is a product of his own decisions and actions.

Thank you,

Bruce S Sawyer PS I always pay my taxes.


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